Start by heading to the listing you stayed at by accessing its URL or via the Guest > Trips menu and find the listing in one of the options, most likely on the Inactive option. Once you have reached the listing page, you will find the 'Reviews' menu option, or just navigate down until you see it. Click the 'Write Review' button and then start filling in the available forms:

Title: Title your review, a few words about what your review has to say.

Review: Here is where you give your review.  Share details about your stay, the host, and your overall experience?  Tell your story.

Rating: Rate the listing! Just click one of the stars that go from Bad to Excellent to summarize your experience.   

Dates of trip: Share the dates of your trip, click check in or check out option and pick the date.

Once you have filled in the review form, you can hit the 'Post Review' button. Your review will appear on the listing page shortly:

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