When we started our listing site, FriendsAndGuests.com, we wanted to build a global alternative to the big listings sites that provided better direct connections between hosts and guests. In the fall of 2017, we started working with Joe Godar and his site emeraldcoastbyowner.com. We realized that being global would not allow us to focus a proper marketing effort that would bring hosts enough guest inquiries. So we rebranded the website as Hawaii Chee.

The differences between the Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian listings include:

  • Only Hawaiian listings receive our marketing efforts including Facebook and Google advertising and SEO Content. For more details, see Our marketing plan at Hawaii Chee.
  • The home page features Hawaiian locations and listings.
  • Listings outside of Hawaii get free subscriptions, rather than needing to pay $349 a year.

So why should a host keep a listing live outside of Hawaii? HawaiiChee.com still enables all the basic listing site functionality. Guests that come to the website can find your listing if you shared a direct link, or guests can search for your geography. Over the coming year, we plan to offer more host “tools” such as the ability to do email marketing and to host your listing on your own domain. We also plan to expand to other geographies with our “regional focus” marketing strategy. If your listing is live and we build a regional site for your area, you’ll automatically get a free 1-year subscription.

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