If a listing is public guests can see all information about the listing and its host.

In an exclusive listing guests get a general idea about you and your listing, seeing only selected photos and an approximate location of your rental property.  Once a host invites a guest to a guest list, then the guest can view the listing as if it was public.

Here are the differences:

  • If your listing is public, guests will see all the pictures of your property, but if your listing is exclusive, you can pick which photos will be visible to the public.  
  • In a public listing, guests will be able to see the host's name, avatar, and profile link.   This information will not be shown in exclusive listings.


  • When your listing is public, guests will see the exact location of your property. When it is exclusive, guests will see a circle indicating the the listing’s approximate location.
  • A guest can message a host, no matter if the listing is public or exclusive, but the guest will still not see the host's information if the listing is exclusive. 

If the host sends an invite to a guest to join her/his guest list, the invitee will be able to see host's information even if she/he does not accept the invitation.

  • As a host, you can also see how your preview your listing as public or exclusive.
  • In this chart, you can see a summary of the differences:

Follow these steps to set the privacy of your listing:

  • Click on Host > Listings at the top of the page and open your listing 
  • You will see all your listings.  Click on the button labeled Edit  for the listing which you want to  set the privacy.
  • Once you access you will see the "Publish Listing" menu on the right side of your screen, click on Listing Settings .
  • Once you choose your privacy option, public or exclusive, just click save. 

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