What is the Best Price?

Most rentals appear on a number of booking sites. Hawaii Chee is different. We go beyond just showing you a live price comparison. We give you a comparison that factors into removing the website service fees on the other sites since (many of) our hosts will agree to give you the price on any site including the removal of the website fees.

The calculation of the best price is simple:

Lower of:

  • VRBO or Airbnb Price minus their service fee. 
  • Hawaii Chee Price 

How does it work? 

  • When viewing a listing, you will see a price comparison with the big booking sites for sample dates. If you are on mobile, click "See rates and availability."
  • When you enter your dates, you will see an exact price comparison. 
  • When the best price is lower than any price shown on the comparison, and the host has not committed yet to provide the best price, you will see the “Suggested Best Price” below the comparison. we suggest to both you and the host a fair price for your dates based on our Best Price calculation. 
  • When the host has already committed to providing the best price, you will see “Your Best Price” and you can make the booking at the price shown. 
  • You may also click on “See Details” to see what makes the prices different from each other. 

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